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Technical Full Cave Diver

The Technical Full Cave Diver is the certification needed to practice underwater cave diving. The training of a Full Cave Diver includes: choosing and setting up the equipment, learning diving protocols and techniques, gas management, underwater communication and propulsion techniques, emergency management and psychological training.

The full training makes the scuba diver ready to dive in underwater caves using complex navigation skills, Jump, circuits and junctions.

Full Cave Diving, due to the specific conditions required by this activity, is only suitable for expert scuba divers. Full Cave diving can be practiced only after complete, professional training, appropriate planning of the trip and using suitable technical equipment.

Beyond the normal risks of underwater diving, full cave diving involves more problems. If an emergency occurs, the scuba diver cannot surface directly; caves are pitch black , the only light source comes from artificial lamps; some caves present strong currents, so the diver has to pay attention to avoid tiredness and extra gas consumption. Sometimes mud or other sediments may obstruct the sense of direction or visibility; underwater caves may also present narrow passages which are difficul to cross and require the knowledge of specific underwater swimming techniques. The combination of some of these characteristics such as restrictions, frequent changes in direction and poor visibility may create stress which needs to be correctly managed. For its specific difficilty and risks, Full Cave Diving is considered an Extreme Sport.

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