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Underwater diving and video shooting:
My Passion

I was born near Milan (Italy) and I approached the world of diving in 1992 when I got my first license. From then on I developed a strong passion which made me travel around the world to dive in the most spectacular oceans. Thanks to my love for diving and for video shooting in 1999 I changed my life, I left Milan and moved to the Mexican Mayan Riviera. My passion with the Mexican cenotes was love at first sight; I immediately became a full cave diver, started to film cenotes and wanted to get more information about them: geology, hydrology, biology and Mayan history.

During all these years I've spent time underwater on a daily basis, I specialized in professional HD underwater film productions using up-to-date technologies and all the most widespread formats. To see a complete list of my professional video equipment click here

HD underwater videos and professional video shooting: My Work

I can provide a wide stock of full HD images: underwater videos (Carribean and Indian-Pacific Ocean) and most of all cenotes (cave and cavern), my great speciality. To see some examples of my high definition videos click here

My asset includes a lot of important works, also at international level, including documentaries, TV reportages and commercials. Here a list of some of the most important cooperations:

- RAI TV (Italian television): Dreams Road

- National Geographic, "Alianza Kanan Kay".

- National Geographic (Mayan Underwater Archeology) "Prophecies".

- IBEROSTAR: commercial work – camera operator

- Experimental Cinematography Centre of Milan – Camera Operators Assistant / Assistant DOP:

· Altagamma foundation: Success on your hands

· Booktrailer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore: I thought escape with you

· Booktrailer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore: Graffiti Moon

· Federico Borromeo and the Ambrosiana (Historical documentary)

- TUJ TRAVEL: commercial work - camera operator

- CNN International with The Spirit of Nature (Becky Anderson).

- Sea Studios Foundation with Coral Connections.

- United Nations Foundation with Friends of world heritage.

- Mexico Cave Exploration Projet (Global Underwaterexplores).

- Mexiconservacion with Green Guide to the Caribe Mexicano.

- Autonomus university of Yucatan, Underwater Archeology and Anthropological Science Department.

- Eurotravel Italy "Diving in the Mexican Cenotes and in the Caribbean Reef".

- Fb Design Italy "Nautical Propellants Fiat Iveco".

- Campaign for the promotion and conservation of the Medio Environment and ethical tourism in Holbox island.